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Custom Barbie

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Anything is possible when with this adorable custom pink girl glitter badge reel. It’s the perfect accessory for your scrubs, shirt pocket, belt loop, lanyard, and more. Badge reels are fun and useful gifts for any person in any profession. A great gift choice for teachers, nurses, medical staff, office staff, pharmacy staff, dental office staff, or anyone who is required to wear a badge! Leave it blank or add a name. Either way, this necessary accessory is also adorable.

Crafted from epoxy resin ,decorated with permanent vinyl, glitter, and sealed with UV resin for easy cleaning and exceptional durability.

This interchangeable badge reel was created with 3M Dual Lock Low Profile Recloseable Fastener. This is a strong and durable fastener which allows for changing out your badge reel. you can have a different design for every season or occasion!

**Please Note: If you choose the topper option only, you will receive the topper with the 3M velcro attached. You will not receive a badge reel.

Love this but don’t need a badge reel? Choose the keychain or magnet 🧲 instead.

Badge Reel Topper:
-Custom cut 1/8th in. acrylic to accommodate your name
-Hand glittered
-Vinyl decals depicting the design
-Sealed with Epoxy for added protection against wear and tear and easy cleaning

Badge Reel Options:
Choose the reel that’s right for you!

ALLIGATOR CLIP (Choose Gator options from the dropdown menu)
- Color - Clear
- Reel Material - ABS plastic and stainless steel
- Cord Material - nylon
- Cord Length - 34" nylon cord
- 360 Degree swivel
- Vinyl ID strap reinforced with weaving imbedded
-rated for 100,000 pulls

BELT CLIP (Choose Belt options from the dropdown menu)
- Color - Silver
- Reel Material - ABS plastic and metal
- Cord Material - nylon
- Cord Length - 34" Retractable Cord
- 360 Degree swivel

MRI SAFE Badge Reel (Choose MRI Safe options from the dropdown menu)
- Color - Black
- Reel Material - ABS plastic and non ferrous metal (will not react to a magnet)
- Cord Material - Dyneema #10 PE Rated for Average of 76.3 Lbs of Force
- Cord Length - 22.5 Inches
- 360 Degree swivel
- No twist card clamp

Lanyard Reel:
Choosing this option, you get the reel ONLY you will not receive the string for the lanyard - ONLY the REEL.
- Color - Black
- Reel Material - ABS plastic and metal
- Cord Material - nylon
- Cord Length - 28.3 inches
- 360 Degree swivel
-Clear Vinyl Strap
-Cord Length 34" (864Mm)
-Rated For 100,000 Pulls

Beaded Lanyard:
Choose this option if you want the whole beaded lanyard.
What you'll receive:
Beads (colors chosen to match design and vary based on availability)
The retractable badge reel attached to a sturdy micro cord lanyard with the beads and topper attached.

Micro Cord: Lightweight, strong 1.18mm Nylon/Polyester paracord
Reel: Clear Vinyl Strap, Cord Length 34" (864Mm), Rated For 100,000 Pulls


The finished design is attached to each badge reel using 3M Dual Lock Low Profile Reclosable Fastener.

Fastener Features:
Interlocking mushroom-shaped heads provide strong, reliable and durable fastening
Strong fastener secures with an audible snap, verifying closure

If you would like your design to be permanently adhered to the 360-degree swivel alligator clip retractable badge reel, leave me a note.

Heart: If you would a different glitter color for the heart, please include a note after making your purchase. I can do just about any colors! If you don’t see the color you have in mind in the chart listed, I’d be happy to message you with more options, upon request.

These items are handmade. Slight variations may occur. These variations will not impact the quality of the item.

Care instructions: Please avoid dropping, while items are durable they are not indestructible. Please handle with care.

If there are any issues with your order please notify me within 5 days of receiving the item. After that time frame I am no longer responsible.

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